A 3 or 4 Day Workshop


The theory of Social Role Valorization (SRV) was developed by Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger and it grew out of what many people know as "Normalization.” SRV has been the foundation for all kinds of community based services worldwide. This event will provide participants with an introduction to SRV. The content will include the following:

(a) the common life experiences of people who are marginalized and devalued in

our society (b) SRV as a way to address some of these experiences in order

to support people to become valued members of the community, and (c) the 10

core themes of SRV. The workshop will also include discussion of some of the

critical issues which impact on the provision of quality service including public

attitudes, community acceptance, physical and social integration and self determination.


This event will be conducted in a reflective format which will allow for

both individual and group reflection. This process is designed to facilitate

introspection regarding the manifestations of devaluation and how to address it

on a personal, community, agency and societal level.



A 4 1/ 2 - Day Workshop


This workshop is for those who are interested in deepening their knowledge of Social Role Valorization. PASSING is an evaluation tool written by Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger. This practical tool identifies specific areas that can be addressed to provide high quality services and supports. PASSING provides the “brass tacks” of the implementation of Social Role Valorization theory – something that many people ask for after attending an Introductory Social Role Valorization workshop. This workshop is conducted almost entirely in small teams, which are led by an experienced team leader. Each team will visit 2 different human services and think about them from a Social Role Valorization perspective by using PASSING. Over the years many participants who have attended this workshop, have said that it was one of the most important and eye opening learning experiences they have ever had and well worth the investment of time.


Note:  Attendance at a 3 or 4 day Introductory Social Role Valorization workshop required attending this event.



A 2 1/2-Day Workshop


This workshop will provide opportunities for participants to think and learn about the following topics:

• What a truly inclusive good life looks like

• Why it is so difficult for people who are societally marginalized to access the good things of life.

• Positive examples of people who were excluded from society who now have inclusive lifestyles and are experiencing the good life.

• The power of valued social roles to create the potential for inclusive lifestyles

• Practical application of the ideas: Each participant will be asked to come prepared to think about one person who would like an inclusive lifestyle and a vision of valued social roles that the person might like to try. A plan to assist the person to try out and get rooted in valued social roles will be developed at the workshop. • Ideas on how to bring the learning of this workshop back to people served, families, other workers, and the agency in general.



A 2 –Day Workshop


This workshop is designed for anyone, human service workers, advocates, family members etc., who is involved in supporting people with severe/multiple disabilities to have a full and meaningful life during the day.


The workshop will focus on the following topics:

  • Why it is difficult to design and implement supports for people with severe/multiple impairments to have a full, meaningful daytime life and what can be done to overcome obstacles to having a good life
  • What kind of a vision is needed to guide our actions to effectively support people to be active, engaged, and contributive during the day
  • The power of positive social roles to make the vision of a full meaningful life during the day a reality

This workshop is intended to provoke thought, help to develop a vision from which to work, inspire positive action, and give some very concrete ideas with which to implement supports. The information in this workshop is helpful in supporting both adults and children to have a meaningful day.

Facilitating and Supporting Relationships On Behalf Of And With Persons With Disabilities Who have Been Excluded From the Societal Mainstream


A 2-Day Workshop


We all know that relationships are one of the most crucial factors in a human being's life. Indeed, research has shown that relationships significantly contribute to a person's well being. For persons who have been marginalized and devalued by society, developing and maintaining relationships is a critical issue. This workshop will assist participants in thinking about how relationships start, develop, and grow. There will be time for reflection and brainstorming together around some of the challenges that present themselves when working to facilitate contacts and relationships between persons who have been societally excluded and those who are part of the mainstream. Much time will be given to the strategies that can be used to create the context for relationships to happen. Participants will have the opportunities to practically apply the information and think about it in relationship to one person.