For a number of years, people with disabilities, families, advocates and human service workers have been aware of the importance of social integration and inclusion. Over the past 30 years, people have worked to bring integration about in the lives of people who have been marginalized and excluded by society. However, we find that, despite our best efforts many people with disabilities are still excluded from the societal mainstream and lead a segregated and congregated life. As a result, some people have become disheartened about integration and have abandoned a vision of inclusive schools, neighborhoods, communities and society. We are seeing new programs and supports that are designed to segregate and congregate rather than to foster and nurture integration. We will identify and reflect upon the challenges facing us today as we try to move forward toward a vision of full personal social integration and valued social participation for citizens who are marginalized and excluded.


Whether you just started your journey into this field, or you are a seasoned pro, we have a workshop to accomodate families, professionals and organizations.


Darcy also offers...

  • Webinars--the content of these sessions can be customized
  • Workshop Follow-up--these keep the vision alive
  • Mentoring--for families, organizations and professionals
  • Development of educational programs and customized workshops 
  • Consultation on weaving the ideas of Social Role Valorization into organizatonal culture
  • Evaluation of organizations and services from a person centered and Social Role Valorization perspective